Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse Olmstead Page:  University of Michigan Law School

This website provides pleadings, opinions, and documents from over 100 Olmstead related lawsuits.


ADA Olmstead Enforcement:  United States Justice Department

This page provides information about Olmstead enforcement in specific cases nationwide. It also contains links to pages about the Olmstead decision, self-advocacy, and the personal stories of several Olmstead beneficiaries.


Bazelon Center Current Litigation

This page contains an alphabetized list of cases that the Bazelon Center is currently fighting on behalf of people with disabilities.


Bazelon Center Closed Cases

This page contains an alphabetized list of closed cases that the Bazelon Center has fought on behalf of people with disabilities.


HHS Olmstead Page

The Health and Human Services (HHS) Olmstead page discusses the measures that federal government agencies are taking to enforce Olmstead rights. It also details the ways in which the HHS partners with other organizations to put into effect the measures created by President Obama's 2009 "Year of Community Living" programs, in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Olmstead case. The website provides information about how the HHS and Office of Civil Rights (OCR) are expanding community services to people with disabilities.


ADA Olmstead Resources

This page gives a brief summary of the Olmstead case as well as legal analysis of the Olmstead decision and information about Olmstead enforcement and implementation.


PAS Center Olmstead Page

The Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Center's Olmstead page provides a detailed analysis of the Olmstead case and its significance, state plans to enforce Olmstead rulings and alternate strategies, and Olmstead-related lawsuits.


Steve Gold ADA (Blog)

Steve Gold is an attorney who writes about disability issues. His blog discusses the effects of legislation to protect the rights of people with disabilities and the ways in which the actions of the federal government affect people with disabilities.


Disability Rights Legal Center

Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) is a national organization based in California that promotes the rights of people with disabilities through education, advocacy, and litigation.


Equip for Equality

Equip for Equality's mission is to advance the human and civil rights of children and adults with disabilities in Illinois. Follow think link above to access legal Resources for Community Integration.


Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)

The goals of PASRR are to identify individuals with mental illness and/or intellectual disability, to ensure they are placed in the most appropriate setting for their needs, and to ensure that they receive the services they require for their disability. PASRR is an important tool for states to use in rebalancing services away from institutions and towards supporting people in their homes, and to comply with Olmstead vs L.C. Follow this link for webinars, federal laws and regulations, and other resources.


Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology

The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) is a multi-faceted initiative to foster collaboration and action around accessible technology in the workplace. Guided by a consortium of policy and technology leaders, PEAT works to help employers, IT companies, and others to understand why it pays to build and buy accessible technology, and how to go about doing so. The Department of Justice has entered into 167 settlement agreements addressing how the #ADA applies to the accessibility of websites and other information and communications technologies (ICT). PEAT has put together a plain language resource for employers and employees titled How is the Department of Justice Addressing Website and ICT Accessibility, that help us make sense of these settlements and determine tangible next steps.